Picture of Stories of Thor (Level 4)

Stories of Thor (Level 4)

Publisher: Usborne
Paperback 978-0-7945-4372-3 $3.99
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Thor, the Norse god of thunder, never backs down from a fight and he can't resist a challenge. In these three fantastically illustrated stories, Thor wrestles a massive sea serpent, faces a cave full of giants, and then has to fight a frost giant without his magical hammer. Read with Usborne has been developed with the help of reading experts to support and motivate children in the early stages of reading. Clear, carefully leveled text and appealing illustrations help children progress and grow in confidence.

Series: Read with Usborne Level 4
Adapted classics or nonfiction topics, which may assume some background knowledge. Typically 2,000-2,500 words over 64 pages.
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